Pet services

Pawsome Mobile Baths is the mobile grooming destination that cares for your pet's like our own!


Pawsome Mobile Baths offer a wide variety of services ranging from bathing, skin and coat treatments, and teeth, ear and paw cleanings. We also have a variety of add-on options. All pricing varies by breed, size, and current coat condition so it is always best to contact us via phone or using the Livechat to communicate with one of our professional groomers for an accurate estimate.

Our grooming service is thorough to get your pet looking their absolute best! Every standard grooming at The Mobile Baths Station includes:

Basic Bath and Brush Short/Long Haired Breed

A Basic Bath, Blow Dry, & Brush and deodorant spray.

Platinum Pawsome Package

Include: Shampoo & conditioner, blow dry, ear cleanig, nail trim, and more


The Works followed by Dematting session to remove unwanted matts.

Flea and Tick Bath

Have a problem with Fleas? Flea and Tick Kill - additive to a bath or groom service to kill fleas and Ticks Spray 30 Day flea spray

New Puppy Bath

Start your new Puppy off with the Pawfect Puppy Spa. Get your New Puppy smelling Fresh!!

Skin Therapy Bath/ Apply Pooch Ooze

Do you have a dog with skin problems like hotspots, excessive itching, and skin allergies? Pooch Ooze Pawsome Baths has a package can help.

Deshedding Short/Long Haired breeds.

A doggy bath with all-natural deshedding agents in the shampoo and conditioner to loosen the shedding fur, especially in very thick coats.

Cat Bath

Bath, blow dry, and nail clipping.


Blueberry Facial

Gentle formula contains oatmeal and blueberry to remove facial stains without irritating eyes or sensitive skin.

DeShedding Add-on

Deshedding Brush

Ear and Eye cleaning

Clean Ears to ensure no ear mites. Make sure those eye free and clear of those nasty eye stains!

Paw trim

Trim in between Paws

Sanitary Trim

Trim around sanitary area

Tick Removal

Remove live ticks from your pet

Nail clipping

Trim Nails

Nail Pawlish

Nail Pawlish (pink or Purple

Paw and Nose Butter

Moisturize dry cracking Paws and Nose

Pooch Ooze Hot Spot Application

Apply Pooch Ooze Hot Spot Treatment

Teeth Brushing/Breath Spray

Brush Teeth with refreshing breath spray

Paw trim

Trim in between paws

Emergency Service

Emergency bath after normal business hours.


Pooch Ooze Pawsome Mobile baths is a mobile bathing spa for your furry family members. We offer unique bathing services that will leave your pooch fresh and clean while using our 100% organic Pooch Poo all while in the comfort of your own home. WE COME to YOU!!!!!!!!! 

Why Choose Mobile Bath?

Personal Attention

One on one- No distractions, just me and your furry friend!!! 


No loading a smelly Pooch in your car! Sit! Stay! We come to you! 


No long wait time in cages- One service is complete he will be brought back to your front door! 

Bath Specialist

Our Groomers go through 20-week, 800-hours of training. Our training course is updated annually to keep up with the newest advancements in pet safety protocols.



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