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Basic Bath and Brush Short Hair Breeds.

*We do not offer Hair cutting services* Basic Bath and Brush Package includes:
  • 🐾Basic Bath
  • 🐾Blow dry
  • 🐾Brush and Deodorant spray
  • 🐾Trimming Not Included
$50-$55 Book Now
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Platinum Pawsome Package.

*We do not offer Hair cutting services* Platinum Pawsome Package includes:
  • 🐾Shampoo & Conditioner 🐾Blow dry,
  • 🐾Ear cleaning 🐾Nail Trim 🐾Blue Berry facial 🐾Teeth Brushing & Breath spray
  • 🐾Nose and Paw Moisturizer & Pooch Ooze deodorant spray. 🐾Hydrating Bath
  • 🐾Blow dry 🐾Ear cleaning & Eye cleaning 🐾Trimming Not Included
$65-$70 Book Now
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Pooch Ooze Pawsome Mobile baths is a mobile bathing spa for your furry family members.
  • 🐾Deshedding (Short Hair Breed) $60-$80
  • 🐾Dematting (up to 60lbs)/(over 60lbs) $125-$145
  • 🐾Flea and Tick Bath (up tp 60lbs)/(60lbs & up) $55-$65
  • 🐾New Puppy Pawfect Spa (6wks-10wks)ONLY $45
  • 😹Cat Bath $55
$60-$80 Book Now

We Love Pets

Dog Bathing & Hygiene

That depends on your dog and
your lifestyle. For your average little purse dog that probably never touches the floor and just hangs out in your lap, regular grooming may not be as necessary as my big, dumb Labrador, who insists on rolling in the dirt and anything else he can find daily. He gets bathed pretty regularly. So your dog's activities certainly play a role in that. Dogs that like to swim a lot or certain dogs with certain medical conditions need more frequent baths.

In terms of other sorts of things besides bathing, regular nail trims are important. For some dogs, that is a sticking point in terms of anxiety and stress, and so you certainly need to work around your dog and potentially chat with us about alternatives to actual nail trimming.

The bare minimum of regular
hygiene for your dog that needs to be done regularly is tooth brushing. So, just like we brush our teeth twice a day every day, brushing our dog's teeth daily is ideal and is considered not only a hygiene issue but an overallhealth issue.

It’s important to have your puppy bathed as soon as possible, so they can get used to and learn to love the bathing experience. We recommend they come in two weeks after their last set of vaccinations. We will not clip your puppy on their first visit to the spa, as the evolution from a puppy coat to an adult coat is dependent on breed and a grooming regime will be suggested to suit your puppy.

As mentioned, keeping their teeth clean can keep them healthier long-term, and it can also keep them more comfortable long-term. If you can imagine not brushing your teeth for months on end and the potential for tooth decay resulting from that, that's pretty uncomfortable and can lead to many health problems. Dogs that are swimming regularly or getting into something regularly are at a higher risk for skin infections if they're not drying well or potentially exposing themselves to gross or potentially contaminated substances. Regular nail trimming is essential for walking comfort, especially in our senior pets. Some of these hygiene tips are common sense. What sort of things do you do to yourself regularly to make yourself feel better and keep yourself healthy?

The first thing is to find something specific for dogs. You don't want to use human shampoo or anything like that on a dog. The pHs of our skin are different than dogs' are, and so by using a human-specific shampoo, we could cause excess drying and discomfort on the dog's skin. So, number one, use a dog-specific shampoo. Pooch Ooze Shampoo and Hot Spot Solution are 100% recommended.

Some of the signs of poor hygiene in dogs can be really obvious: matted fur; really dry, itchy skin; a dull or really greasy coat. You'll notice bad breath, tooth discoloration, and possibly drooling if you don't practice good dental hygiene. But it really comes down to your senses. Look at your dog. Do they look well-groomed and healthy? Do they have a well-kept and healthy odor? How are they feeling? How are they acting? If you have a dog that's not moving around as much or is having trouble moving around, then we'd want to get them checked out to make sure there's not an infection. We can also give you some tips on grooming or bathing your dog on a regular basis.

Clients Are Saying
Pooch Ooze Real Customer

Teyana is awesome, I had my dog Dash groomed on my lunch break, she was super fast and efficient and he smelled great.

Pooch Ooze Real Customer

Very convenient, professional, and prices very reasonable prices!!! Thank you for your service !!!!!

Pooch Ooze Real Customer

My dog goes buck wild about his nails! Teyana must have the touch! He let her do it and she handled it quickly and no drama from my doggo! 😊💗

Pooch Ooze Real Customer

Bleu enjoyed himself and I love the service provided. We will be a repeat offender.

Pooch Ooze Real Customer

POOCH OOZE is a great product. Especially loved the fact that the product leaves no oily residue or unwanted odors. Worked great for us! You should try it!

Pooch Ooze Real Customer

I would definitely recommend Pooch Ooze!!! I was kinda nervous because my dog has a little anxiety. She was very patient and gave Mega a few minutes to warm up her. We all got a little wet from the bath, lol, but I will definitely be calling her soon for another bath!!! Thank you so much!!!!

Pooch Ooze Real Customer

Wonderful service! Very convenient!

Pooch Ooze Real Customer

Teyana was so good with our lab, he LOVED her.

Pooch Ooze Real Customer

First time using Pooch Ooze and i am pleased 🥰 She arrived on time. She is very professional. She is pet friendly. After she finished she walked Dussè to the door looking sparkly clean. Dusse loved her. I highly recommend 🤞🏽

Pooch Ooze Real Customer

Teyana is amazing! Casper was very comfortable with her until she put the blow dryer on him. He was pampered this morning and has been sleeping every since. We will most definitely use her again. She is also very punctual.